Monday, December 7, 2009

Hatha Yoga: Sacredness in Action Workshop~January 2010

Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation practice with Matthew and Holly Krepps
January 15th - 17th, 2010

This workshop is designed to clarify the relationship between the five traditional techniques and the five senses, which are the basis of our ways of learning, knowing, remembering and relating. When, through sensitive practice of the techniques, the senses and their tendency to function mechanically is clearly seen, we gain a unique understanding, grounded in experience, of how sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and their by product - - emotion - - can help to transform our actions and relationships into a sacred way of moving in the world and everyday life.
January l5th-l7th
Full Weekend: $l70

Friday evening: Creating the Sacred Space.  Since the beginning of civilizations, humanity has consistently expressed an urge to create altars and sacred spaces in an attempt to relate to divinity, and understand our connection to it. Hatha Yoga is an expression of that same tendency. In the ancient traditions, the altar was a special structure demarcating the central point of importance in the ritualized space. The Hatha yoga tradition also identifies and creates an altar, onto which a sacred offering is placed. However, its uniqueness lies in it being a “way of action”, rather than an external structure. This session will include discussion, and a focused asana practice as a way of action we will call “Self Remembering”.
2 hours

Saturday morning: Emotion and the Scope of Authentic Devotion. The essence of yoga is love. Authentic practice involves awakening and understanding the full breadth of our emotional potential. Even the simplest postures and techniques can bring about intense feeling that can dominate our posture and send us back into mechanical functioning. However, when understood through “right practice”, a deep emotional experience can be the offering up of the essence of who we are into the light of full consciousness or full awareness. This session will include backbends, balance postures, and visualization.
3 hours

Saturday afternoon: The Mid-Life Crisis (at any age), Memory, Stress and the Possibility of Experiencing the New.
All the spiritual traditions suggest freedom from suffering by suggesting we: Stay in the Moment, or Be Here Now, or that we cultivate Present Centered Awareness. How do we do this in boredom, anger and all of the emotional upheavals that circumstances invite on a constant basis? Is practice the avoidance of these emotions, or is it a full and open invitation to experience them in a new way, that is the key to authentic growth? This session includes twists, and an in-depth pranayama practice related to memory function.
2 l/2 hours

Sunday morning: Spiritual Maturity. The Awakening of Conscience. The ability to experience all thought, sensation, and emotion in relation to a given circumstance without taking a “position”, and without judgment, is conscience. In another way, to be conscientious is to simply see and recognize what is actually happening, as opposed to “thinking about” it. This session will tie together the significance of emotion, memory, and the five senses in a simple, experiential sequence of practices designed to give rise to the opportunity for experiencing the awakening of conscience.
3 hours

Friday evening: Creating the Sacred Space
Saturday morning: Emotion and the Scope of Authentic Devotion
9:30a- 12:30p
Saturday afternoon: The Mid-Life Crisis (at any age), Memory, Stress and the Possibility of Experiencing the New
Sunday morning: Spiritual Maturity – The Awakening of Conscience
10:00a- 1:00p

Matthew and Holly Krepps are co-owners of Circle Yoga Shala and former owners of Barefoot Studio. Matthew is ERYT 500 with the National Yoga Alliance and has provided teacher training’s at the 200 hour level in accordance with the alliance for the past decade. Matthew and Holly travel teaching workshops and teacher trainings in the US and in Mexico. For more info about their teaching visit:

TO REGISTER, call 501-661-8005 or come by Barefoot Studio, 3515 Old Cantrell Road, Little Rock AR 72202. Workshops are also listed at


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Specials!

The holidays are sentimental for me, and remind us how grateful & thankful where we are in life, and awareness to just simply be. These times can also be stressful, and its important that yoga continues to be apart of our lives, possibly before the holiday stress begins.

Anytime during the month December you can purchase 30 Days Unlimited Yoga Classes for $50. No matter if its today or Dec 31, get 30 Days of as many yoga classes as you like to attend! This price includes all current monthly members, too!

6 Week Introduction to Yoga Course is back! Ring in the New Year starting Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 2pm each consecutive Sunday. Price is $75 and upon completion you'll receive a FREE Beginner Yoga Class.

Gift Certificates are available for both options! 
Also 20% off ALL retail! Stop by the studio sometime :) 

Check out the website for more information

Have a Happy Holiday Season!
Love & Hugs,

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Making Memories: A Celebration of the Life of Anne Pressly

Barefoot Studio is proud to carry Making Memories: A Celebration of the Life of Anne Pressly. All proceeds from this book will benefit a scholarship foundation in her name to reward outstanding future broadcast journalists. Thank you to KATV & Anne's family for allowing Barefoot to share the memories of a sweet angel!

 Anne holds a special place in all of our hearts. My family and I had the pleasure of meeting her and starting an amazing friendship in 2006 when she interviewed us for cooking BBQ at Gillette, Arkansas's Coon Supper.  We all cross paths with people for certain reasons, and sometimes we never take the time to realize those reasons. We are truly blessed to have had Anne in our lives, and now our sweet angel is watching out for us, every day.  Faith, love, hope & strength continues to flow to her family, friends, and colleagues. 

 Additional information can be found at

 Love & Hugs,


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Doug Keller Workshop Weekend

What an incredible weekend! The students and I are so grateful for this opportunity with Doug Keller, and cannot wait to have him back at the studio! As soon as the date is confirmed I will let you know! I joked (but was serious) with Doug that he could have brought his dog to the studio~ha! I just love his picture with his dog on his flyers & website (you can see it behind Marilyn's shoulder on the door, too).

 It makes yoga fun, such as my King Dancer standing in a 30lbs pumpkin~

Sorry to get off track! ;)......

I'd like to thank everyone that attended & helped with the workshop~it was great to meet so many new faces, and see so many familiar ones!

Again, I continue to be blessed beyond amazement with these opportunities, and am thrilled so share them with the yoga community!

Love & Hugs,

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bryant's Varsity Dance Team

Today I met up with Bryant High School's Varsity Dance Team to teach yoga and breathing techniques. One of my favorite times to teach is to ages 14-18 (I also taught this age group while being in Las Vegas for a year).  I remember at that age everything being so fast paced, and realizing that things would only speed up. So when I get the opportunity to share with high school-ers, I love it!

Something we all take for granted is breathing. Its something our body does constantly, and once we turn our awareness to our breath, we begin to realize where we hold tension in our bodies. We forget that there's even a second part to our breath...the exhale. Its just as important as the inhale, and at times our exhale can remind us to soften & relax a bit.

I invite you take 5 minutes to yourself today~whether its sitting or laying in a comfortable position. Without manipulating or forcing the breath, start at your toes & ankles, and make your way up the spine to the finger tips & crown of the head~each time you exhale sink a little deeper into relaxation and let go of any tension~even in the jaw, mouth, eyes & forehead. Its amazing how our breath can lead us to see where we hold tension.

Thanks, Bryant Varsity Dance Team, for letting me visit ya'll today!

Love & Hugs,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1st Intro to Yoga Course Accomplished!

This past Sunday wrapped up Barefoot's first 6 Week Introduction to Yoga Course since I took ownership! Its such an amazing feeling to share yoga with so many people! For the rest of my personal journey, I'll always be a student and a teacher~learning something incredible & rewarding each day.

The next Intro Course will begin after the first of the year, and will be announced as soon as the dates are confirmed. Please know that Barefoot offers Beginner classes all throughout the week that you can join anytime!~Whether you've tried yoga once, never, or just heard of it ;)...these classes are for you! Pick out the time & day that's best for you, and come see us!

The Beginner classes are as follows:
Sunday 2-3:30pm with me (Breezy:)
Tuesday 5:30-7pm with Caran
Thursday 5:30-7pm with Jim
Saturday 9:30-11am with me

 The full schedule is listed on the website & private sessions are available with all of our instructors.  Take a look through the website, and I look forward to seeing you in class!

Love & Hugs,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yoga: Take a Breath & Melt Stress Away

 Check out the link below! Dr. David Lipschitz & KARK featured Barefoot Studio on their stress relief segment earlier this month. A HUGE Thank You to them!!

Here is the article, please click on link below to view the video~Enjoy!

We all know less stress means better overall health. And when it comes to better health a centuries-old practice is still a breath of fresh air today.
Monitoring your breathing is advised for a lot of things. Improved health can happen as quickly as your next breath. That is if you're using the techniques that are basic to the practice of yoga. 

Breezy Osborne of Little Rock took up yoga about 10 years ago. She believes it's completely transformed her life.

"This is my passion. I want to share it with everybody what it's done for me. I can't imagine not sharing it with anybody," says Osborne.

Right now she's sharing it with her own class. She's gone from student, to instructor, to now owner of her own yoga studio.  

"Stress is so important for us to tackle in our life that we always forget about it and one of the number one ways you can tackle it is with your breath," she says.

Reducing stress has immeasurable health benefits and the breathing techniques in yoga can do wonders..sure the poses and postures can seem a little intimidating but don't let  that scare you.

"You can always do yoga sitting in a chair, but you can still work a range of motion in your joints," Osborne says.

Yoga may have benefits beyond stress reduction. A study by the famed Mayo Clinic found that yoga can help with a myriad of health conditions. There's the obvious benefit of  increased balance and flexibility, but it may also help with asthma, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, even carpal tunnel syndrome. It can help combat depression and memory loss too, and the great news is you don't have to master the practice to get  the benefits.

"You don't push yourself to get to a certain point. That's not the point of yoga. The point of yoga is to nurture yourself, be kind to yourself," she says. "No matter what age you are, you can begin this."

You too can find inner peace in just a few short hours a week.

"When you leave the class you will feel amazing inside and out," Osborne says.

And, you don't even need a prescription for a yoga mat.

Love & Hugs,

Mama Mia!

Monday, Oct 4, I received a phone call from a cast member of Mama Mia that is currently performing in Little Rock this week.  Elena ( is visiting a yoga studio in every state as they travel and perform, and what an honor that she wanted to take yoga at Barefoot!

To say the least I was giddy from that moment on! And due to one very nostalgic reason....My first love for music were The Monkees & ABBA. ABBA's Dancing Queen was replayed at our home so many times a night as I twirled in Mom's sequined black jacket, and my 'fancy panties'...keep in mind I was 3 years old (ish:).  I seriously thought I was the Dancing Queen, and I used to beg my parents to just watch me...every...night LOL. I recall seeing Dad doze off on the couch and me saying 'Dadoo, watch!'. Thanks, Mom & Dad for watching me spin in circles every night to one of the greatest songs! :)

Today, October 8, nine of it's cast members joined me at the studio for a yoga session.  What an amazing opportunity and such an honor. I'm still in awe that she chose to call me and set up a private session! Ever since I dove into this studio I have been blessed beyond what I can imagine. The possibilities are endless, the yoga community & family is incredible, I just can't say Thank You enough for everything!

Love & Hugs,

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi Dear Friends,

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, if you register for Race for the Cure or 3 Miles of Men, you'll receive 20% off ALL classes & retail during October!

So many of us are affected by this disease, whether it be family, friends, or ourselves, that promoting awareness is a top priority. I myself have family members & friends that have survived, and lost their battles. There is more than one reason why my favorite color is pink ;)

Next time you come by the studio make sure to pick up a pink ribbon!

Love & Hugs,


Monday, September 14, 2009

Women In Balance Retreat Nov 7-9, 2009

November 7, 8 and 9: Mindful Living Retreat For Women at Arkansas’ Only Luxury Resort Destination Spa!
with other dynamic and empowering teachers at the 6th Annual Women In Balance Retreat on November 6, 7 and 8. This 2 1/2 day retreat takes place at Turtle Cove Spa at Mountain Harbor Resort & Spa nestled in the beautiful Ouachita National Forest on Lake Ouachita.

The Women in Balance retreat combines the best of holistic activity and celebration, with the elegant aesthetic of spa services and gourmet cuisine.
Join best-selling author, TV personality and renowned chiropractor, Dr. Elaine Dembe, for an entertaining and inspiring presentation as she talks about her book Passionate Longevity and shares secrets to living a longer, happier, healthier life --- with passion! Whether you are 35, 55, or 75, Elaine Dembe’s humourous, high energy seminars are filled with practical tips for a balanced, positive lifestyle that will change the way you think about growing older.

Also provided will be yoga classes both stimulating and restorative, journaling, aromatherapy classes, a free makeover with the spa’s mineral makeup line, and spa cuisine along with plenty of time to rest, commune, and be pampered. All classes are optional.

Cost: The cost of attending the retreat is $479, and includes all meals, a $100 spa credit to be used at the event, all lectures, classes, a WIB t-shirt, Spa Goodie Bag, aromatherapy oils, other free gifts provided at meals, and all other retreat activities.

Registration: Contact Kristi McCarty at Turtle Cove Spa at 870 - 867 - 1220 or fax your registration form found at www.turtlecovespa/.com/activities.

Lodging: Discounted Lodging is available at Mountain Harbor Resort & Spa. Space for the event will be limited, so those who want to participate should register early. To make lodging reservations contact Mountain Harbor Resort at (870) 867. 2191, or e-mail: Be sure to tell them you are with Women In Balance.

Spa Vacation Giveaway: Register for Women In Balance by October 10, 2009 and be eligible to win a Spa Vacation Giveaway at Mountain Harbor Resort and Turtle Cove Spa valued at over $1000!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Doug Keller Workshop Oct. 30-Nov. 1

Hatha Yoga:
Evolution Revolution

Therapeutics, Spiritual Evolution With Doug Keller
October 30-November 1
Full Weekend $170

Friday Evening: The Core — Gateway to Spirit In a simple and refreshing all-levels asana session we’ll explore the ‘core’ actions of hatha yoga and their relationship to both physical and spiritual practice. We can think of the core as a ‘local system’ of core muscles that provide support — particularly to the low back and sacrum — in all forms of movement and in breath. We’ll start with specific ways in which to activate these muscles in practice, and move into the subtler aspects of the ‘bandhas’ — especially in pranayama and meditation — and their emerging role in the yoga tradition. We’ll finish the evening with guided pranayama and meditation.
2 Hours.

Saturday Morning — Uptempo Asana Practice A chance to step up in asana practice
with simple, elegant cues for graceful movement and opening in the poses. It’s the little things that make the di!erence for re-inspiring yourself in your asana practice — and Doug provides plenty to take home and play with in your practice and classes! The session will include backbending and some inverting!
3 Hours.

Saturday Afternoon — Spiritual Strategies: The ‘Upayas’ in the Evolution of Yoga
— This will be a practice session of pranayama techniques and meditation, but will also provide you with a close look at the central insights of the tantric tradition with regard to the main challenges in our spiritual life — the ‘malas’ or our principle experiences or forms of spiritual ‘contraction.’ Practice is treated as an upaya or ‘strategy’ for dealing with our challenges in a way that works for us. This approach will be set in the context of and in contrast to the approach of Patanjali’s tradition of Classical Yoga. This is a rare opportunity to learn,
discuss and inquire about the direction and intention of spiritual/meditative practice in yoga, learn how to incorporate these insights and ‘strategies’ into daily life, and then to have a taste of the key practices.
2 1/2 hours

Sunday Morning: Marma Therapy: A Missing Link in Yoga Therapy — The Ayurvedic
System of ‘Marma Therapy’ (the Ayurvedic science of therapeutic ‘pressure points’ closely related to hatha yoga) provides the ‘missing link’ in understanding much of the logic behind the poses and sequences of hatha yoga designed to address not only chronic pain from muscular imbalances, but imbalances in the ‘doshas’ and deeper therapeutic issues. This session will give a clear, accessible and useable look into these ‘marma’ points in conjunction with the doshas as well as the ‘myofascial sutras’ in Doug’s therapy manual, with guidance for practice that covers
the major areas of the body. It is recommended that you bring a pair of ‘massage balls’ — or something similar, such as ‘squash’ balls to fully participate in the practice. 3 hours

Friday Evening: The Core — Gateway to Spirit
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Saturday Morning — Uptempo Asana
9:30am - 12:30pm

Saturday Afternoon — Spiritual Strategies: The Upayas
2:30pm - 5:00pm

Sunday Morning: Marma Therapy and Yoga Practice
10:00am - 1:00pm

Doug Keller is widely recognized for his unique and insightful contributions in the field of hatha yoga, yoga therapy and yoga philosophy. He is the author of several widely read books on these topics, and writes the ‘Asana Solutions’ column for Yoga+ magazine. Doug is ERYT500 with Yoga Alliance and registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. For more information on Doug and his teaching, visit his web site at

TO REGISTER, call 501-661-8005, come by the studio, or download the form at, print and fill out and mail to Barefoot Studio, 3515 Old Cantrell Road, Little Rock AR 72202

Hope to see you all there!
Love & Hugs,

Monday, August 31, 2009

Mind Body Expression Workshop PIcs!

Saturday, August 29th's MBE Class with Katherine Shoulders was a HUGE success! Thank you to ALL that participated & helped out! It was great to see familiar faces, and create many new friendships :)

I can't thank Katherine enough for sharing her time & passion with all of us. I look forward to more of her workshops at the studio!

Message from Katherine Shoulders:
"My first Barefoot teaching experience was far better than I could have imagined. Thanks to all of you for dancing with me, and giving MIND/BODY EXPRESSIONS a try. Surrounded by old and new friends our connection to each other, through movement, was a gift. Thank you Breezy. I look forward to coming home to Barefoot again soon, Katherine Shoulders"

Love & Hugs,

Friday, August 14, 2009

6 Week Intro to Yoga Course

Barefoot Studio will be hosting a 6 Week Intro to Yoga Course every Sunday September 13-October 18, 2009 2-3:30pm. This is a GREAT way to learn yoga step by step, and even a good refresher course for those that have been practicing. All ages & fitness levels are welcome.

Mats are available for purchase at the studio. We recommend you use your own mat, but we do have some you can borrow.

Register in person at the studio or by phone 501.661.8005.

Also, if you have any questions you can check out the website

The 6 week course is $75.

Upon completion of the course, you'll receive a complimentary pass to any of our Basic yoga classes!

Hope to see you there!

Love & Hugs,

KATV's Jessica Dean's Daily Debrief

KATV's Jessica Dean & I sat down to discuss yoga on her Daily Debrief segment Wednesday, August 12, 2009. Take a listen to the 10 minute clip, and I guarantee you'll learn some things about me you might not have known ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MomsLikeMe on Today's THV

Monika Rued, from Today's THV MomsLikeMe, & I talked about how yoga can energize your days, especially for Mom's! With a balance of rest, postures & breath work, it IS possible to have more energy~for EVERYONE! :)

Take a look at the links below!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mind/Body Expression Class 8.29.09

I am THRILLED to announce our next workshop at the studio!

Mind/Body Expression Class (MBE) with Katherine Shoulders of Fayetteville Athletic Club. It will be held at Barefoot Saturday, August 29, from 1-3pm. Cost is $15, and you can register in person at the studio or by phone.

A MBE Class integrates fitness with joy and playfulness, allowing room to dance, move freely, and have fun. The movement in MBE is continuous and very easy to follow. In this 90 minute class, music and movement will range from energetic to slow and meditative.

Katherine Shoulders is a mother of two teenage boys, a health club owner and a teacher. Katherine shares, " MBE is very personal to me, as it is with the evolution of the person I am today. Teaching is a way for me to connect and express my joy, stress release, and to celebrate being alive".

Katherine's teaching venues include:
Aspen Club & Spa-Aspen, CO
Golden Door at the Boulders-Carefree AZ
Bodyworks-Portland, OR
Beaches Resorts-Jamaica
Lake Austin Spa-Austin, TX
Little Rock Athletic Club-Little Rock, AR
Fayetteville Athletic Club-Fayetteville, AR

Quote from one of her participants: "There are these mornings now when my bones feel creaky and the metabolism seems slowed down. But I know after MBE class with Katherine, I'll come out feeling renewed, happy, sweating, and glad to be in this body. Katherine's style and personal grace seem to 'charge' in the room with fun-loving energy. I've told my friends-this is my ticket through menopause." Joy Fox, Activist & Retreat Owner.

Anyone is welcome to email Katherine to learn more about what the class will be like.

Any other questions email me or visit the website

I had the pleasure of taking the MBE class at our Women in Balance Retreat a few years ago, and absolutely fell in love with it! Katherine is a truly amazing person, and her class is incredible! I am SO excited to have her at the studio, and for everyone to experience her class :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009
Barefoot Studio
3515 Old Cantrell Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202

Register in person at the studio or by phone.

Hope to see you there!
Love & Hugs,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good Morning Arkansas

Friday, July 17, KATV gave us the opportunity to be on Good Morning Arkansas! A student & friend of mine of three years, Lindsay, so graciously demonstrated Chair pose :)

A HUGE thank you to KATV for inviting us! We had a great time! And thank you, Lindsay, for taking time out of your day to be there :) xoox


Teacher Training

Today ended the 50 Hours over the span of five days for our teacher trainees! They completed the Pranayama Intensive (breath) of the 200 Hour Certification program. These teachers are truly amazing! I am thrilled to have them at the studio!

I am so proud & happy for them all!
I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Love & Hugs,

Ashley, Joy, Cynthia, Paula, Pamela, Susan, Mary, Marilyn, and Holly & Matt

Monday, July 13, 2009

Visit from India

Susanne, who completed teacher training at the studio, will soon be teaching some classes at Barefoot! This post is about her recent experience with a yoga instructor visiting from India. Enjoy! :)

I had the great pleasure to meet Swami Satyanand from India. He was in Little Rock, Arkansas last week visiting one of his former students. He taught several classes and then cooked a meal for us. The amazing part of his yoga instruction was the flow of the class - movement was first, followed by an asana, then restorative pose, then an asana, following by a resting pose. It was the most fascinating experience, and I came away from the classes with a peace. Swami Satyanand is a disciple of the now deceased Swami Kripalvanand. He is a very kind and compassionate man. I was just amazed at the flow and ease of the classes.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Three Generations of Barefoot Studio Owners

I had the honor of teaching the two previous owners in my Thursday Intermediate Class! I have to admit at first it was startling to see these incredible women in the same room waiting for class to begin, but then I quickly realized we all have something in common...we have all had the opportunity to share our passion with others...and we are all still sharing in different ways :)

Cathy, the original owner, so generously made us a scrapbook of the studio with pictures/collections from 1995-2002. It is in Barefoot's lobby, and I highly suggest you take a look....some have even found pictures of themselves from her classes at the different locations. I am very thankful that she created and shared these memories with all of us. I love looking back...a few things have changed, but some things have not...lots of familiar faces, paintings....what a beautiful full circle xoox

Love & Hugs,

Holly Krepps, Cathy Rodgers, and myself 7.09.09 at Barefoot Studio

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Largest Class at the Studio

WOW! I had to capture this moment!! Twenty Three people on a storm ridden evening is amazing! (one left early for those of you counting heads LOL). I love seeing new & familiar faces in my classes, and when this many show up, its such an energy rush. This is one of the intermediate classes, and is filled with very loyal members. Many have been with Barefoot since the beginning.

At the end of every class I like to share a quote with everyone...'Thank you for letting me be your teacher, and thank you for being mine.' Its so simple, yet bold. Truth be told, we will always be learning new educational tools, AND our experiences teach us more than we sometimes realize. My students teach me plenty, and they don't even realize it. I'm incredibly blessed to be where I am right my dream & passion.

Then the class asked for me to be in the camera phones! ;)

Thank you ALL for making this possible! I look forward to everything in our path :)

Love & Hugs,

PS Two of our teachers, Kim & Jim, took the class. I LOVE when instructors support one another!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mike's Classes

Mike and I went through Barefoot's teacher training program at the same time, and we also team-taught a few classes together after each of us got certified. I remember one distinct moment from taking his class that is forever ingrained in my he instructs students to raise their arms he says, 'if you happen to touch or run into your neighbor, its a blessing'. I have carried that with me in my own practice, and in every class I teach. There are not many people in this world that see things like that, so when I meet them, they hold a special place in my heart.

Mike's Saturday 9:30am Basic class is filled with such gentle calming energy. He has an eye for being able to see everyone's posture and practice. He truly gives attention to every student, and makes sure they are safe & in a welcoming environment. Mike also teaches at the Little Rock Athletic Club Wednesday 5pm & Saturday 11:40am.

I get to enjoy his Saturday morning class after I teach the 8am, and its the perfect way to start my day!

Thank you, Mike, for your dedication, honesty, and passion for yoga & the studio!


Mike (back center) & his Saturday morning class

A HUGE Thank You!!

Just recently I have become comfortable asking for help...with anything. I've learned that you truly can't do it all yourself, and when friends & family want to pitch in, its OK to accept the offer. Before the Open House, TONS of members from the studio, and my friends & family volunteered their time cleaning and helping me redecorate.

I wanted to dedicate a blog specifically to everyone that pitched in and made this possible! On the Sunday before the Open House, the studio was filled with volunteers from noon to 10pm! I was so appreciative, but at the same time, it still takes some getting used to to others helping. I've always been the person to take everything under my wing, not as a control issue, but more to make sure it gets accomplished. But this day, and week, people went above and beyond to lend a hand!! I can't not mention how gorgeous the hardwood floors are glowing! Thank you, Steve, for all your hard work! They are beautiful! :)

I cannot express enough how much you all mean to me, and the time we spent together (whether it involved paint, hammers, Lysol or clothing) I will always remember! :)

Yes, even little Sam helped out!

I'm in LOVE with candles!

My parents gave me this piece about 3-4 years ago, and I always new it would be in my studio one it is :)

Love & Hugs,

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Sales & Fabulous Finds!

I knew when I took over Barefoot I wanted to do so many things my mind would race! Clothing & inventory is just one of the areas. I made sure the material was affordable and would last! Here are a few comfy & practical things I'm giddy about :)

Next time you come to class, or stop by the studio, take a look at the new & sale items from $5-$40! :)

Men & Women's Logo Tees just $20!!

Women's Roll Down Yoga Pant $39! (these don't high water, nor drag the floor;)

Grass & Aqua comfy Tank Tops perfect for this Summer heat $16!
Yoga Mat Bags in the prettiest of shades $18

Burnout Tanks $20 & Hoodies $27 in the shades of blush, mushroom, oat, heather,and black! Lightweight simple scarves in sapphire, emerald, raspberry & eggplant $17.

Twisted & Sun Salutation Yoga Magnets!

Yoga Mats in every color & Stability Balls both $15!

Yoga Mat & Bag all in one at $40!

ONLY $10! Colorful tanks, tops & pants!

I am excited to announce I'm making jewelry again! My creativity is soaring with this new venture, and it adds a little flavor to the studio :) My line is called Lovingly Breezy (because its made with love!)....featuring mixed mediums, simple & chunky pieces ranging $3-$50.

We also carry Mat Wash, Yoga Blocks & Straps (all $10), and Barefoot's own, Lengthening & Broadening DVD $25!

I'll keep you updated as soon as new inventory arrives!

Love & Hugs,