Monday, July 13, 2009

Visit from India

Susanne, who completed teacher training at the studio, will soon be teaching some classes at Barefoot! This post is about her recent experience with a yoga instructor visiting from India. Enjoy! :)

I had the great pleasure to meet Swami Satyanand from India. He was in Little Rock, Arkansas last week visiting one of his former students. He taught several classes and then cooked a meal for us. The amazing part of his yoga instruction was the flow of the class - movement was first, followed by an asana, then restorative pose, then an asana, following by a resting pose. It was the most fascinating experience, and I came away from the classes with a peace. Swami Satyanand is a disciple of the now deceased Swami Kripalvanand. He is a very kind and compassionate man. I was just amazed at the flow and ease of the classes.