Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mike's Classes

Mike and I went through Barefoot's teacher training program at the same time, and we also team-taught a few classes together after each of us got certified. I remember one distinct moment from taking his class that is forever ingrained in my he instructs students to raise their arms he says, 'if you happen to touch or run into your neighbor, its a blessing'. I have carried that with me in my own practice, and in every class I teach. There are not many people in this world that see things like that, so when I meet them, they hold a special place in my heart.

Mike's Saturday 9:30am Basic class is filled with such gentle calming energy. He has an eye for being able to see everyone's posture and practice. He truly gives attention to every student, and makes sure they are safe & in a welcoming environment. Mike also teaches at the Little Rock Athletic Club Wednesday 5pm & Saturday 11:40am.

I get to enjoy his Saturday morning class after I teach the 8am, and its the perfect way to start my day!

Thank you, Mike, for your dedication, honesty, and passion for yoga & the studio!


Mike (back center) & his Saturday morning class

A HUGE Thank You!!

Just recently I have become comfortable asking for help...with anything. I've learned that you truly can't do it all yourself, and when friends & family want to pitch in, its OK to accept the offer. Before the Open House, TONS of members from the studio, and my friends & family volunteered their time cleaning and helping me redecorate.

I wanted to dedicate a blog specifically to everyone that pitched in and made this possible! On the Sunday before the Open House, the studio was filled with volunteers from noon to 10pm! I was so appreciative, but at the same time, it still takes some getting used to to others helping. I've always been the person to take everything under my wing, not as a control issue, but more to make sure it gets accomplished. But this day, and week, people went above and beyond to lend a hand!! I can't not mention how gorgeous the hardwood floors are glowing! Thank you, Steve, for all your hard work! They are beautiful! :)

I cannot express enough how much you all mean to me, and the time we spent together (whether it involved paint, hammers, Lysol or clothing) I will always remember! :)

Yes, even little Sam helped out!

I'm in LOVE with candles!

My parents gave me this piece about 3-4 years ago, and I always new it would be in my studio one it is :)

Love & Hugs,

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Sales & Fabulous Finds!

I knew when I took over Barefoot I wanted to do so many things my mind would race! Clothing & inventory is just one of the areas. I made sure the material was affordable and would last! Here are a few comfy & practical things I'm giddy about :)

Next time you come to class, or stop by the studio, take a look at the new & sale items from $5-$40! :)

Men & Women's Logo Tees just $20!!

Women's Roll Down Yoga Pant $39! (these don't high water, nor drag the floor;)

Grass & Aqua comfy Tank Tops perfect for this Summer heat $16!
Yoga Mat Bags in the prettiest of shades $18

Burnout Tanks $20 & Hoodies $27 in the shades of blush, mushroom, oat, heather,and black! Lightweight simple scarves in sapphire, emerald, raspberry & eggplant $17.

Twisted & Sun Salutation Yoga Magnets!

Yoga Mats in every color & Stability Balls both $15!

Yoga Mat & Bag all in one at $40!

ONLY $10! Colorful tanks, tops & pants!

I am excited to announce I'm making jewelry again! My creativity is soaring with this new venture, and it adds a little flavor to the studio :) My line is called Lovingly Breezy (because its made with love!)....featuring mixed mediums, simple & chunky pieces ranging $3-$50.

We also carry Mat Wash, Yoga Blocks & Straps (all $10), and Barefoot's own, Lengthening & Broadening DVD $25!

I'll keep you updated as soon as new inventory arrives!

Love & Hugs,

Vicki's classes

If you have not taken one of Vicki's classes, you are definitely missing out! I am sad to announce that she and her husband are moving at the end of July :( I am happy for their new venture, and wish them all the blessings they deserve! She has such a gentle and calming force about her, that you can't help but adore her! Vicki is a special part of my support system for the stressful times in my life; I'm not even sure she realizes it. I learn so much from her classes, as a student and a teacher. Such a great friend & instructor, I'll dearly miss her!! I encourage you to take her classes. She teaches at the studio Monday & Wednesday's 6-7:30pm, Wednesday 9:30am & a Horizontal class 10:30am Thursdays. You can read more about Vicki's story on our website under 'About Our Teachers'.

These times & info are also on the website

Thank you, Vicki, for your dedication, love & smiles to the yoga community! xoox :)

Vicki (center) with a Wednesday morning class

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today's THV This Morning 6.22.09

Monday, June 22, 2009, I had the opportunity to be on Channel 11's morning show! It was very early, but I was so excited it didn't matter! Thank you to Alyson Courtney and THV for letting me represent Barefoot and talk about the benefits of yoga. I had a great time!

Check out the video below!

Open House 6.19.09

Barefoot's Open House Friday, June 19, was a HUGE success!! The love and support from the members, family, and friends was overflowing. What an incredible evening! This is the first big event I've ever hosted, and I wasn't sure how the night would turnout. I approached it like everything else I do in life...just a little bit of anticipation, and to let things happen the way they do.

A BIG Thank you, again, to Trio's for the wonderful food, and to the fabulous musicians, Judd Martindale & Nate Devlin...a beautiful combination!

Thank you to all the instructors, teacher trainees, volunteers, and Matt & Holly for joining us! Your help was very much appreciated! I adored seeing so many faces walk through the front door, and tried to hug everyone letting them know how much it meant to me that they came to show support! Thank you all SO much from my heart!

I'm posting some pictures from the event, but not all of them. The rest will be on the website shortly, so please keep checking back the next couple of days. Natalee, Thank you SO much for you continued support and dedication to the studio! Your pictures are heart warming! Much love sweet girl! xoox :)