Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week One~Accomplished!

I've been asked numerous times how week one has felt, and my first reaction is great, but a little mind boggling. My second thought (that usually doesn't get out) is that I've been craving and dreaming of this time for a couple of years now, so it feels right. Right is exactly what I feel. There are some things I am learning, but what I look forward to the most is teaching classes, and hearing feedback. I am tickled that people are sharing their thoughts and ideas with me! It gets my creative juices flowing even more!

There are a few aesthetic changes to the studio, but very simple. By the time of the Open House, June 19, it will be a little different. One painting I've added is a 3D version of Lotus Pose (see pic below) with mixed bold colors. I bought this painting about three years ago, and never new where to place it. As soon as I knew this was a 'done deal', it was the first thing that popped into my mind! Just right!

The clothing is now marked down 30%, and there will be a new selection of styles & colors at the Open House! I am SO excited about the yoga pants with the logo! They are incredible fabric, and incredibly reasonable...$39! Yes, you read that correctly!
Here are the choices of ladies tops & bottoms we have in stock.....

GENTLEMAN!! I have not forgotten about you! There will be men's clothing at the studio as well!

I've been asked many times what kind of a DVD do I recommend. Well? You are in luck!! Barefoot has its own DVD, Lengthening and Broadening. I'm not biased because myself, Matt, Holly, & members are in it. That...I am proud of! This video is how we instruct at the studio. It is the same language, method, and teaching approach us instructors use. It is extremely informative, and is a great home practice. It's $25 and can be found at the studio. All other inquiries email the website :)

Friday's are my 'days off' from teaching, and I have the pleasure of taking John's morning class at 9:30. I always praise John because he is a plethora of knowledge! He understands the traditions, philosophy, and the anatomy to a T. He introduces us to postures we might have forgotten, and reignites our curiosity. I just happen to catch him having a unique flower pot of coffee. Literally ;)

My final thought of the day...or thanking an amazing photographer! Natalee Ferguson is the face behind the beautiful pictures on the website, including my two new photos on the home page. Not only is she just as precious as can be, she is incredibly talented. She might be one of the sweetest, and most genuinely honest people I know. You will see her work much more throughout the website and blog. If you see her at the Open House, please let her know how much we appreciate her dedication! Now I just hope she reads this blog post! ;)

This picture was taken after the posture session of me flipping around finding a unique one to post on the sight. She, being the professional, put me in the following and it was the most serene and calming. Yes, it was the last picture taken.

We are less than two weeks away from the Open House! Mark your calendars~Friday, June 19, 7-9pm. Food provided by Trio's, and entertainment to be announced!

Again, I cannot express enough thanks to the members of Barefoot for opening their hearts to me! Its the greatest warmest feeling! Thank you!