Thursday, September 10, 2009

Doug Keller Workshop Oct. 30-Nov. 1

Hatha Yoga:
Evolution Revolution

Therapeutics, Spiritual Evolution With Doug Keller
October 30-November 1
Full Weekend $170

Friday Evening: The Core — Gateway to Spirit In a simple and refreshing all-levels asana session we’ll explore the ‘core’ actions of hatha yoga and their relationship to both physical and spiritual practice. We can think of the core as a ‘local system’ of core muscles that provide support — particularly to the low back and sacrum — in all forms of movement and in breath. We’ll start with specific ways in which to activate these muscles in practice, and move into the subtler aspects of the ‘bandhas’ — especially in pranayama and meditation — and their emerging role in the yoga tradition. We’ll finish the evening with guided pranayama and meditation.
2 Hours.

Saturday Morning — Uptempo Asana Practice A chance to step up in asana practice
with simple, elegant cues for graceful movement and opening in the poses. It’s the little things that make the di!erence for re-inspiring yourself in your asana practice — and Doug provides plenty to take home and play with in your practice and classes! The session will include backbending and some inverting!
3 Hours.

Saturday Afternoon — Spiritual Strategies: The ‘Upayas’ in the Evolution of Yoga
— This will be a practice session of pranayama techniques and meditation, but will also provide you with a close look at the central insights of the tantric tradition with regard to the main challenges in our spiritual life — the ‘malas’ or our principle experiences or forms of spiritual ‘contraction.’ Practice is treated as an upaya or ‘strategy’ for dealing with our challenges in a way that works for us. This approach will be set in the context of and in contrast to the approach of Patanjali’s tradition of Classical Yoga. This is a rare opportunity to learn,
discuss and inquire about the direction and intention of spiritual/meditative practice in yoga, learn how to incorporate these insights and ‘strategies’ into daily life, and then to have a taste of the key practices.
2 1/2 hours

Sunday Morning: Marma Therapy: A Missing Link in Yoga Therapy — The Ayurvedic
System of ‘Marma Therapy’ (the Ayurvedic science of therapeutic ‘pressure points’ closely related to hatha yoga) provides the ‘missing link’ in understanding much of the logic behind the poses and sequences of hatha yoga designed to address not only chronic pain from muscular imbalances, but imbalances in the ‘doshas’ and deeper therapeutic issues. This session will give a clear, accessible and useable look into these ‘marma’ points in conjunction with the doshas as well as the ‘myofascial sutras’ in Doug’s therapy manual, with guidance for practice that covers
the major areas of the body. It is recommended that you bring a pair of ‘massage balls’ — or something similar, such as ‘squash’ balls to fully participate in the practice. 3 hours

Friday Evening: The Core — Gateway to Spirit
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Saturday Morning — Uptempo Asana
9:30am - 12:30pm

Saturday Afternoon — Spiritual Strategies: The Upayas
2:30pm - 5:00pm

Sunday Morning: Marma Therapy and Yoga Practice
10:00am - 1:00pm

Doug Keller is widely recognized for his unique and insightful contributions in the field of hatha yoga, yoga therapy and yoga philosophy. He is the author of several widely read books on these topics, and writes the ‘Asana Solutions’ column for Yoga+ magazine. Doug is ERYT500 with Yoga Alliance and registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. For more information on Doug and his teaching, visit his web site at

TO REGISTER, call 501-661-8005, come by the studio, or download the form at, print and fill out and mail to Barefoot Studio, 3515 Old Cantrell Road, Little Rock AR 72202

Hope to see you all there!
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