Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Change is beautiful!

I've taken the greatest leap in my life, and could not be happier! For those of you that I haven't met, my name is Breezy Osborne, and I am the new owner of Barefoot Studio in Little Rock, Arkansas. I fell in love with yoga during college (University of Central Arkansas), and an even deeper love with Barefoot stumbling upon it in 2004. I started doing private practices with the previous owners, Matt & Holly Krepps, which eventually turned into teacher training sessions. Then I started their teacher training program offered at the studio, and earned a certification through the Yoga Alliance.

Matt and Holly have bought a working homestead on Shiloh Mountain outside of Jasper, Arkansas. Development as already begun for a full service retreat center, to include residential teacher training, individual healing retreats, group workshops, all include ayruvedic organic meals and cooking classes. We will still collaborate, and hold teacher training workshops and future retreats. Its definitely not a good bye for them, more about us continuing our paths, but working together as well. These teachers, friends, mentors, family of mine are beautiful souls. I am very lucky Holly answered the phone that day I called inquiring about yoga. I am thrilled for their new venture, and happy they felt confident passing their baby along to me :)

The journey yoga has brought to my life is incredible. It has taught me acceptance, patience, and honesty of my self. The instructors at Barefoot give you the tools to create your own space during class; its essentially your class on your mat. Your body changes everyday, even during the day, energies shift, so nurturing your mind and body according to how you feel reaps amazing benefits.

The studio is having an Open House, Friday, June 19, 7-9pm! We will be celebrating the transition of owners, noshing on food prepared by Trio's, and a new inventory of Barefoot clothing & Lovingly Breezy custom jewelry.

This blog will be updated weekly, sometimes daily, by all the instructors. Its important that people have insight to yoga through different souls. Everyone's story is different, but we are all on the same journey.

Again, I can't express enough how EXCITED I am to be living a dream! Matt, Holly and the studio is my second family. I've never wanted to open another studio while Barefoot was still kickin....Barefoot is where my heart is. I am so blessed to have this opportunity, and hope to see you all in class!

By the way, Barefoot is located at 3515 Old Cantrell Road in Little Rock, Arkansas, 72202...behind Loca Luna restaurant in the Riverdale business district.

The studio's website will be updated frequently, so please check it out! All information regardin location, schedules, registration, teachers, workshops, etc...

Holly, Matt & I with teachers, Jim, Mike, Jon, Caran & Vicki (minus Louanne & Kimberly)

Holly & I at Boulevard Bread for lunch

Friends taking one of my classes~Lori, Mary Ann, Lindsay, & Rosemary