Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Open House 6.19.09

Barefoot's Open House Friday, June 19, was a HUGE success!! The love and support from the members, family, and friends was overflowing. What an incredible evening! This is the first big event I've ever hosted, and I wasn't sure how the night would turnout. I approached it like everything else I do in life...just a little bit of anticipation, and to let things happen the way they do.

A BIG Thank you, again, to Trio's for the wonderful food, and to the fabulous musicians, Judd Martindale & Nate Devlin...a beautiful combination!

Thank you to all the instructors, teacher trainees, volunteers, and Matt & Holly for joining us! Your help was very much appreciated! I adored seeing so many faces walk through the front door, and tried to hug everyone letting them know how much it meant to me that they came to show support! Thank you all SO much from my heart!

I'm posting some pictures from the event, but not all of them. The rest will be on the website shortly, so please keep checking back the next couple of days. Natalee, Thank you SO much for you continued support and dedication to the studio! Your pictures are heart warming! Much love sweet girl! xoox :)

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