Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yoga: Take a Breath & Melt Stress Away

 Check out the link below! Dr. David Lipschitz & KARK featured Barefoot Studio on their stress relief segment earlier this month. A HUGE Thank You to them!!

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We all know less stress means better overall health. And when it comes to better health a centuries-old practice is still a breath of fresh air today.
Monitoring your breathing is advised for a lot of things. Improved health can happen as quickly as your next breath. That is if you're using the techniques that are basic to the practice of yoga. 

Breezy Osborne of Little Rock took up yoga about 10 years ago. She believes it's completely transformed her life.

"This is my passion. I want to share it with everybody what it's done for me. I can't imagine not sharing it with anybody," says Osborne.

Right now she's sharing it with her own class. She's gone from student, to instructor, to now owner of her own yoga studio.  

"Stress is so important for us to tackle in our life that we always forget about it and one of the number one ways you can tackle it is with your breath," she says.

Reducing stress has immeasurable health benefits and the breathing techniques in yoga can do wonders..sure the poses and postures can seem a little intimidating but don't let  that scare you.

"You can always do yoga sitting in a chair, but you can still work a range of motion in your joints," Osborne says.

Yoga may have benefits beyond stress reduction. A study by the famed Mayo Clinic found that yoga can help with a myriad of health conditions. There's the obvious benefit of  increased balance and flexibility, but it may also help with asthma, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, even carpal tunnel syndrome. It can help combat depression and memory loss too, and the great news is you don't have to master the practice to get  the benefits.

"You don't push yourself to get to a certain point. That's not the point of yoga. The point of yoga is to nurture yourself, be kind to yourself," she says. "No matter what age you are, you can begin this."

You too can find inner peace in just a few short hours a week.

"When you leave the class you will feel amazing inside and out," Osborne says.

And, you don't even need a prescription for a yoga mat.

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