Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mama Mia!

Monday, Oct 4, I received a phone call from a cast member of Mama Mia that is currently performing in Little Rock this week.  Elena ( is visiting a yoga studio in every state as they travel and perform, and what an honor that she wanted to take yoga at Barefoot!

To say the least I was giddy from that moment on! And due to one very nostalgic reason....My first love for music were The Monkees & ABBA. ABBA's Dancing Queen was replayed at our home so many times a night as I twirled in Mom's sequined black jacket, and my 'fancy panties'...keep in mind I was 3 years old (ish:).  I seriously thought I was the Dancing Queen, and I used to beg my parents to just watch me...every...night LOL. I recall seeing Dad doze off on the couch and me saying 'Dadoo, watch!'. Thanks, Mom & Dad for watching me spin in circles every night to one of the greatest songs! :)

Today, October 8, nine of it's cast members joined me at the studio for a yoga session.  What an amazing opportunity and such an honor. I'm still in awe that she chose to call me and set up a private session! Ever since I dove into this studio I have been blessed beyond what I can imagine. The possibilities are endless, the yoga community & family is incredible, I just can't say Thank You enough for everything!

Love & Hugs,

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