Monday, October 26, 2009

Bryant's Varsity Dance Team

Today I met up with Bryant High School's Varsity Dance Team to teach yoga and breathing techniques. One of my favorite times to teach is to ages 14-18 (I also taught this age group while being in Las Vegas for a year).  I remember at that age everything being so fast paced, and realizing that things would only speed up. So when I get the opportunity to share with high school-ers, I love it!

Something we all take for granted is breathing. Its something our body does constantly, and once we turn our awareness to our breath, we begin to realize where we hold tension in our bodies. We forget that there's even a second part to our breath...the exhale. Its just as important as the inhale, and at times our exhale can remind us to soften & relax a bit.

I invite you take 5 minutes to yourself today~whether its sitting or laying in a comfortable position. Without manipulating or forcing the breath, start at your toes & ankles, and make your way up the spine to the finger tips & crown of the head~each time you exhale sink a little deeper into relaxation and let go of any tension~even in the jaw, mouth, eyes & forehead. Its amazing how our breath can lead us to see where we hold tension.

Thanks, Bryant Varsity Dance Team, for letting me visit ya'll today!

Love & Hugs,

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