Friday, July 10, 2009

Three Generations of Barefoot Studio Owners

I had the honor of teaching the two previous owners in my Thursday Intermediate Class! I have to admit at first it was startling to see these incredible women in the same room waiting for class to begin, but then I quickly realized we all have something in common...we have all had the opportunity to share our passion with others...and we are all still sharing in different ways :)

Cathy, the original owner, so generously made us a scrapbook of the studio with pictures/collections from 1995-2002. It is in Barefoot's lobby, and I highly suggest you take a look....some have even found pictures of themselves from her classes at the different locations. I am very thankful that she created and shared these memories with all of us. I love looking back...a few things have changed, but some things have not...lots of familiar faces, paintings....what a beautiful full circle xoox

Love & Hugs,

Holly Krepps, Cathy Rodgers, and myself 7.09.09 at Barefoot Studio

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