Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stress Reduction

 A HUGE Thank You to Today's THV for inviting me on their Morning Show today! I had a great time, and Tom Brannon even did a little yoga :) Check out the link below!

Alyson talks with Breezy Osborne of Barefoot Yoga Studio in Little Rock about yoga can reduce stress in the new year.

There are many great tools for stress reduction and yoga can be a simple, easy way to manage your stress. Breezy talks about the benefits of yoga and how you can implement yoga into your daily life.
Yoga may not be for everyone, but there are some tips Breezy says are good to follow in order to reduce stress. Take time for yourself and focus on breathing or compose a gratitude journal to help reduce stress. Or you can try some neck rolls or a simple yoga pose - like the legs up the wall pose.
For more information on yoga with Breezy, visit the Barefoot Studio website or call (501) 661-8005.

Link to Today's THV

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